My First MAC lipstick

My first post…better make it good. A good start is with makeup, especially lipstick.

Recently, I indulged myself in a spending splurge and broadened my lipstick horizons. As the title suggests I purchased my first MAC lipstick. Now to many readers this may not seem a dramatic event. However, I took the plunge after much debating.


Velvet Teddy (A cult beauty classic)



Colour Payoff?

Very Pigmented and a good colour payoff

Lasting Power?

Lasted up to 8 hours on me. Weared off evenly.


A beautiful everyday wearable colour with a matte, but non drying, finish. Lasted on my lips for a large portion of the day without a need to reapply. Started to wear off between the 6-8 hour mark but did not leave my lips looking patchy or flaky. The strong sweet vanilla smell may be overpowering for many, however, the smell did not linger on my lips.


With a £16.50 price tag it is difficult to say it is a totally affordable lipstick. However, the colour and formula reflect the higher price tag.

This could be the potential start to a lipstick obsession. There are no regrets over this purchase and is a good way to treat, either, yourself or someone else to this piece of lipstick heaven. I had always been reluctant to spend higher prices on make up, relying on strong make up brand contenders in the high street/ drugstore. However, this lipstick sits proudly in my make up collection and is the first lipstick I reach for everyday as it compliments my complexion and style.

MAC have a plethora of colours and finishes for all skin tones. All you have to do is find your perfect one.

This make up purchase : 10/10


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